What Is APPening? New Apps to Make Seniors’ Lives HAPPier!

January 20, 2023

Would you believe the COVID-19 pandemic did something good for us?

Contagion risks forced everyone to limit their social contact, especially senior citizens, who were at high risk of contracting COVID and suffering its most devastating effects. But business still had to get done, and patients needed to see their doctors. To the rescue: online meetings in medicine, and then almost every other industry imaginable. The advent of millions of mobile apps for shopping, dining, transportation and professional services from finance to healthcare to law. Now that’s APPealing!

Aside from the convenience of grocery shopping in a bathrobe, using technology provides physical and emotional health benefits, according to a study published by the National Institutes of Health’s National Center for Biotechnology Information. The study suggests that because technology reduces isolation, it raises self-esteem and improves overall health for seniors who use email, social networking sites and video chatting/messaging and who use cellphones to connect with the world.

At OC Estate and Elder Law, we have been entirely online since the height of the pandemic, and clients love it. Consultations can be done from your phone at home, the documents are created by attorneys as before, and a mobile notary comes to your home to sign the documents and complete the process.

Our law firm focuses on assisting your family as a loved one grows older. We have scoured the internet and want to share a few incredibly helpful apps for seniors. They are free, but will require a subscription or membership to use some of them. Find them at the Apple App Store for iPhones and Google Play for Android devices.


The leading organization for those aged 55-plus helps you stay informed about news, healthcare innovations, diet, exercise, and everything else important to seniors. You can also find AARP membership discounts and offers and keep up with local events. It is a convenient way to access your AARP membership wherever you go; just show your digital membership card and you are in.


Save money and manage your medications with these two apps. GoodRx helps you compare prescription drug prices at different pharmacies and finds money-saving coupons you can show right from the app – no clipping required!

With Medisafe, you can keep track of all your medications, so you never forget to take one. You add the drugs and dosage times, and Medisafe will create a schedule that includes images of each with lists of potentially harmful interactions. It will also alert you when a prescription needs refilling and can alert family or friends if you miss a dose.


Bye-bye to big awkward maps you need to sprawl out on the hood of your car to read the small font! This handy app lets you find just about any place in the world where you want to go, including your car in the parking lot. Suddenly forgetting where you parked is not just a “senior moment”; people of every age have had that frustrating feeling. Google Maps lets you set your car as a location. Then, all you have to do is choose the location, and Maps will take you there step by step.


No more worried waiting for your senior to call you and let you know they have arrived safely home after visiting you. Life360 uses GPS to track the person’s location. You will see exactly where they are at all times and get a notification when they have arrived.


Do you squint your way through restaurant menus, doctors’ forms and package labels, even with your glasses? This app turns your phone’s camera into a magnifier with light to zoom in on what you want to read. Take a picture of it, and you can easily refer to it.


This is one of the most popular fitness trackers and for good reason. It is so easy to track your food and exercise, and its extensive database gives you accurate nutrition information, so you will always know if you are eating right. You can set fitness goals, upload recipes and scan items at the grocery store to check their value. You can also connect it with other fitness apps for comprehensive information.


Track your blood pressure readings and progress with this app, which can be synced with the Apple Health and Google Fit apps. It shows you charts and breakdowns, so you can be proactive about heart health.


Listen to your favorite music – podcasts (aka radio shows), too – on this popular streaming service. Use it for a while, and it will learn your preferences to suggest new content. The free version includes ads; for a monthly subscription fee, you can skip the ads and get other benefits.

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