Lawyers in Hollywood

Are you concerned about the protection of your assets for future generations? Do you need help creating a Last Will and Testament? Are you seeking assistance navigating the probate court process or assistance in protecting your assets? Look no further than the offices of OC Estate & Elder Law.

Hollywood, Florida is home to a number of law offices, but no other law firm provides the same level of assistance, expertise, and excellence than the attorneys of OC Estate & Elder Law. Our wills and probate lawyers in Hollywood have the knowledge and experience to represent you.

Practicing law separately, our founders, attorneys Fernando Orrego and Natasha Chipiga gained extensive experience in wills and estate planning.

In 2013, they decided to create their own firm after realizing they shared a common view. Fernando Orrego and Natasha Chipiga believe the law should work for you. As a result, the attorneys at OC Estate & Elder Law put you first. Your protection is our highest concern. At OC Estate & Elder Law, we are proud to support clients throughout the South Florida area, including the citizens of Hollywood.

Over the years, OC Estate & Elder Law has provided extensive living trust asset protection for those people who wish to see their assets left in good hands and their inheritance protected.

Are you looking for guidance, assistance or counseling from a power of attorney lawyer in Hollywood, Florida? Contact the team at OC Estate & Elder Law. Our attorneys are knowledgeable, thorough and vigilant. If you are looking for peace of mind, the attorneys at OC Estate & Elder Law can provide just that.

OC Estate & Elder Law firm’s attorneys focus on the protection of money, property, and elder care asset protection. If you are preparing to create a Medicaid asset protection trust, attorneys Fernando Orrego and Natasha Chipiga are fully capable of helping you.

We also understand family businesses. We are equipped to help protect your business interests and investments by creating custom designed protection strategies to ensure your family’s inheritance is protected from future creditors. From startups, small business owners to international businesses, no matter where you are on the scale, we have the knowledge and experience to help you.

If you have any questions about elder law or require the assistance that our trust and estate lawyers in Hollywood can provide you, please feel free to call our office at (954)-251-0332 to schedule a free consultation.