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Searching for wills and estates attorneys in South Florida? Do you need assistance in creating a strong and thorough asset protection strategy? If so, contact the law offices of OC Estate & Elder Law.

The act of creating a Last Will and Testament is not enough to protect your assets. If your Last Will and Testament has not been constructed with an attorney, it will not protect your assets from future creditors. As laws have changed, there are many loopholes within the system that unknowingly allow individuals whom you have not selected to legally access your property.

If you live in Fort Lauderdale and need assistance creating a fortified asset protection strategy, contact us today!
The law offices of OC Estate & Elder Law have continued to serve the community, particularly our senior citizens. Our attorneys are well equipped to create a formidable protection strategy uniquely customized for your particular situation.

Since 2013, the attorneys at OC Estate & Elder Law have resolved guardianship and estate planning issues, as well as cases involving Last Will and Testaments. Containing some of the best elder care attorneys in Fort Lauderdale, the law offices at OC Estate and Elder Law will help you get what you rightfully deserve. Your protection is our highest concern. We understand how difficult this process can be, therefore, we pride ourselves on administering the best protection concepts to ensure your assets are thoroughly protected. Our knowledgeable and experienced estate probate attorneys are well-equipped to find the appropriate solution for you and your family.

The law firm was founded by estate and will attorneys, Fernando Orrego and Natasha Chipiga when both attorneys realized that they shared a mutual ideology of how the law should serve the people.

Do you need assistance formulating a plan for Medicaid? Elder law lawyers, Fernando Orrego and Natasha Chipiga also serve as Medicaid planning attorneys for our elderly clients and their families.

Are you a small business, startup or international business owner? Do you require assistance protecting your business assets? We are more than equipped to help develop a custom protection strategy.

At OC Estate & Elder Law, we understand family business. We will work with you to ensure your family’s inheritance is properly safeguarded and does not end up in the hands of future creditors.

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