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The landscape of asset protection has proven to be extremely difficult. As we acquire assets over the course of a lifetime, we become continually concerned with the protection of our assets and the security of our family.

Traditionally, the creation of a Last Will and Testament was enough to guarantee the protection of your acquired assets. Nowadays, the creation of a Last Will and Testament is not enough to prevent the possible seizure of assets in probate court. For this reason, most Americans are turning to attorneys and legal professionals for assistance.

If you are searching for an inheritance attorney or an asset protection law firm in Pembroke Pines, look no further than OC Estate and Elder Law. Amongst the best trust and estates law firms in South Florida, OC Estate and Elder Law office have served the city of Pembroke Pines for a number of years.

Our firm began after attorneys Fernando Orrego and Natasha Chipiga noticed they shared a similar perspective. They believed the law should work for the people. Therefore, the law offices of OC Estate & Elder Law have always been dedicated to ensuring you are properly and securely protected by the law.

Over the years, our team has grown. Comprised of a number of effective and knowledgeable probate and estate lawyers, the attorneys at OC Estate & Elder Law are more than equipped to handle all of your legal needs.

As asset protection specialists, the attorneys at OC Estate & Elder Law are equipped to guide you through family trust asset protection strategies for your personal use and strategies for your business. We understand family businesses. Our legal professionals effectively create customized protection strategies to ensure your family’s inheritance stays within your family. From irrevocable trusts to succession planning and insurance, our business strategies are secure enough to help all kinds of businesses from startups to international giants. We are capable of protecting your hard earned assets from future creditors.

The law offices of OC Estate and Elder Law counsel and represent the elderly, ensuring the protection of their rights. Serving as Medicaid planning attorneys, Fernando Orrego and Natasha Chipiga have continued to help their elderly clients with guardianship, Medicaid crisis planning, health care surrogates, and other elder law asset protection strategies including elder law estate planning. Our attorneys are well-equipped to provide assistance and create a formidable protection strategy.

Are you are in need of estate and trust planning? Attorneys Fernando Orrego and Natasha Chipiga will walk you through the different legal procedures to properly and securely protect your assets for future generations.

Please feel free to contact our office at (954)-251-0032 to schedule a free consultation with one of our wills and estate lawyers. Our attorneys are ready and waiting to take your call.