Quarantine Bootcamp – the COVID-19 Workout

April 8, 2020

Trying to stay sane and physically fit during this challenging global pandemic is crucial, especially for the elderly population. We might not think much of it but every movement we make counts. While being confined to our homes we can be creative and move, move, move while doing daily tasks.

There are really only two ways to come out of this self-quarantine: rested and stronger or in dire need of a diet! Who said you can’t be active when you lack proper gym equipment? Below we present you with our own version of the COVID-19 workout routine.

  • If you catch yourself watching an abundance of television, during each commercial break, get up from the couch and do some squats.
  • When washing dishes or throwing clothes in the dryer, do heel raises or side lunges

  • Turn on some music and start dancing. Even better, invite your family to your dance party and take turns being the DJ.
  • If you have access to stairs in your apartment or home, go up and down the stairs to get your blood circulation pumping.
  • Use internet technology to keep fit. There are tons of mobile apps and online streaming services that offer workouts for all fitness levels and workout preferences. For example, Peloton, Nike Training Club, Amazon Prime Video (for members) have free access to a varied library of fitness videos, including Zumba and cardio programs such as 21-Day Transformation from GymRa.
  • If there comes a moment when you feel you need fresh air to clear your mind, take a walk around your neighborhood. Just remember to maintain a reasonable amount of social distancing and very good hand washing hygiene.
  • The living room or balcony are great spots to revisit stationery exercises. This includes movements such as planking, chair dips, the bicycle, stretching in child’s pose, and my favorite…seated meditation. Visit the World Health Organization’s page to get more details on these exercises.
  • Order cheap workout equipment to your home. On Amazon, you can order a jumprope, dumbells, a yoga mat, headphones, or foam roller ball for stretching, etc.

Another important aspect of our lives is healthy eating. Many of us likely stocked up on canned foods. We can perform online searches to give us ideas on how to prepare healthy meals with the food in our pantry. Here are some other healthy eating hacks to be mindful of.

  • Try to steer clear from the U.S. perennial favorite: fried food. Instead of frying with oil, try the air fryer, crockpot, steamer, oven, or other healthy cooking appliance you purchased and never used.
  • Most supermarkets are open, and offer convenient delivery services either on their own, such as Amazon prime, or through a third-party service like Instacart. Weekly orders will ensure you keep your fridge stocked up with fresh produce like fruits and vegetables, or fresh fish or meat.
  • To avoid food waste, freeze leftovers and have a ready-to-go meal for the next day. Likewise, do a Google search for fancy leftover ideas.
  • Avoid filling the pantry with snacks and comfort foods, because stress lends itself to lazy patterns and eating foods that make us “feel good.”
  • Substitute high sodium and sugary foods with healthier alternatives like nuts or fresh fruit. Our health matters and COVID-19 is a reminder that healthy eating remains important.
  • Remain conscious of portion control. Why? Because being at home for extended periods, especially without company or with limited activities can lead to overeating. Instead of sitting on the couch with the giant box, take out a portion sized amount of food and enjoy.
  • Stay hydrated by drinking water instead of sugar-sweetened beverages.

We are all in this together and will all come out of this together, with a greater appreciation of little things we may have taken for granted. Staying healthy and in shape while quarantined is totally doable. We wish all our readers good health and will feature some mental health tips in our next blog.

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