Mission Impossible: Did You Procrastinate and Miss This Summer’s 5 Blockbuster Hits?

August 23, 2023

Procrastination, the art of delaying tasks, is a habit that often starts small and then seeps into more monumental endeavors. From movie theaters to everyday life, an intriguing connection can be drawn between the act of putting off seeing movies in theaters and procrastinating on other responsibilities. At first glance, these might seem unrelated, but a deeper look reveals the underlying psychological patterns that tie them together. (And don’t worry, you can still catch this Summer’s 5 mega-hits listed below!)

Imagine this: a much-anticipated movie hits the theaters, generating excitement and buzz. You intend to watch it but keep pushing it back. Slowly, the initial excitement wanes, and the movie loses its charm. Similarly, in everyday life, tasks are put off under the guise of waiting for the “perfect moment.” Just like the movie’s appeal fades, the urgency of tasks diminishes, and they become less appealing over time.

One such task on everyone’s To-Do List is estate planning. No one wants to think about dying – there are many more entertaining things to do, such as watch movies. Yet death is inescapable and putting off estate planning until you are “old” does not end well.

In essence, procrastination begets procrastination. Just as postponing a trip to the movie theater can mirror the postponement of more significant life tasks, breaking this cycle requires recognizing the psychology behind it. The tendency to put off unpleasant tasks or thoughts about end-of-life planning. Thoughts such as not wanting to disagree with your spouse or deciding how much money to leave to each individual child. Overcoming these barriers requires a combination of understanding the importance of estate planning, seeking professional guidance, breaking the process into smaller steps, and addressing any emotional or psychological factors that contribute to the procrastination.

And now, let us procrastinate no longer and present you with the 5 BLOCKBUSTER HITS this “hottest summer on record” has produced:

(1) Indiana Jones And The Dial Of Destiny: Legendary screen archaeologist and hero Harrison Ford returns! In this unforgettable quest, Indiana Jones races time to recover a historic dial that alters history—becoming a time machine in itself!

(2) Barbie: Barbie Syndrome is an understatement! What syndrome you may ask? Well, it’s that inner child, the one that screams that you may be an adult, but not that old to miss this epic live-action film where Barbie and Ken finally get to see what it is like to live amongst humans. The animation throughout is purely vibrant and enchanting, and even leads to the production of a new Barbie hitting stores soon: Weird Barbie.

(3) Mission: Impossible – Dead Reckoning, Part One: Get ready for an adrenaline-pumping film that’s high on action. The mission: prevent a catastrophic new weapon from getting into the wrong hands, a threat to all of humanity. Agent Ethan Hunt and his team are on the case and prepared to give up everything – even their lives – to locate this perilous weapon and ensure humanity’s survival.

(4) Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse: Beloved Spider-Man is catapulted across the multiverse where he encounters a Spider-Society dedicated to protecting the multiverse’s existence. Spider-Man joins new friends, conflicts over threat approach, and goes solo to save loved ones. He must redefine what it truly means to be a hero because a true hero is not all just about wearing a mask!

(5) You Hurt My Feelings: A solid marriage falters as wife hears husband’s opinion on her novel, feeling betrayed. The film examines the role of the ‘white lies’ we tell our loved ones. Are they blatant lies or gentle encouragement? The movie leaves you thinking about honesty’s necessity, its impact, and personal perspective.

By acknowledging the impact of delaying immediate gratification, we can empower ourselves to tackle responsibilities head-on and break free from the grip of procrastination – in theaters and in life. Our law firm will provide you with peace of mind and put that procrastination behind you. Contact OC Estate and Elder Law at (954) 251-0332 or info@ocestatelawyers.com to get started with your free consultation. Our attorneys are fluent in English, Spanish and Russian.