Business Succession Planning

Business Succession Planning

Everyone can create a business online. But you really need an attorney to spot the future pitfalls. OC Estate and Elder Law, P.A. can help you choose the right business entity for your needs, submit the required Florida documents, create an internal operating agreement and so much more. 

 You probably have clear goals for your business. Grow it, sell it.  Building an empire for your family.  Pass it on to your children.  Business succession planning helps you organize these ideas and more importantly, EXPECT THE UNEXPECTED.  Ever think about the effect of unforeseen divorce on business succession or the death of a business partner?  We’ve seen it all and it is not pretty.  Protect the legacy you have built by consulting with us for your business estate planning needs. 

Business Succession Planning

You toiled for years to make your business a success.  Some individuals want to sell the business lock, stock, and barrel.  Others want it to continue even after they are no longer a part of it. Let’s face it – if your business partner passes away, you probably don’t want to partner up with their spouse.  This is exactly what happens without the proper business planning.  We can assist with choosing a successor for your and your business partners. This clears up any ambiguity and keeps the business running smoothly in case of unforseen circumstances.

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Starting a Business is Great.  Leaving a Legacy is Even Better.

Whether you are a startup, existing small business owner, international investor, or just someone seeking advice, we are here to help you reach an ideal solution.